Who We Are


LUCI focuses on the integration of Augmented Reality (AR) and the Internet of Things (IoT), visualizes the scattered-in-space data, and enables it to be actualized in reality. Based on each enterprise’s unique products, services and industry ecology, LUCI provides the best fitting innovative solutions, actively assists each user to complete all tasks, and enhances overall work efficiency and safety to become the driving force for humans to continuously move forward and to create a fun-filled journey out of it.


IoT makes the world more intelligent and even more inter-connected. How to provide users with corresponding information at the right time and space is the key for the shift from intelligence to smartness. By way of AR technology, data or analysis content from different receivers/transmitters will expand in your vision, for instance, real-time recognition on the mechanic status of maintenance work in progress; real-time feeds on road conditions, e.g. congestion or danger alerts with guidance provided; or speedy processing of management tasks assigned by personnel.




We remain optimistic about everything and provide fun-filled products and services.

Keep Simple

Keep Simple

We explore the heart of the matter via design thinking, while conducting speedy verification and creating value most aligned with needs.

Embrace Failure

Embrace Failure

We take action with caution, but also look at failure squarely and continue to stand corrected regarding mistakes to provide better service content.


To connect humans, matters and objects in a more simple approach for them to better communicate and interact with each other.

- Vision -

To connect information and display it within our vision, to build a two-way communication bridge between humans and information, to assist everyone to have better control of life and work rhythms so that he/she can better focus on himself/herself and exercise his/her ability to the fullest.

LUCI helps our customers imagine
more possibilities for living and working.

We must be in-depth from the different requirements level of identification of the essence of the problem, with the same cognitive premise, to provide our customers the simplest and desirable solution experience.