Business Field

LUCI is actively introducing AR IOT solutions into practical industry application and has started development & collaboration in various dimensions with sectors such as machinery, construction, education, transportation and even events planning. We also welcome businesses of any sectors to team up with us to create more possibilities. LUCI is always contemplating over how AR can further assist human life, and we believe you do too. Now let’s join together to shape an alternative future.

technology integration

AI, Big Data, VPA, IoV, even all kinds of management and control systems can all be engaged in effective integration with AR technology. Meanwhile, we also specialize in hand gesture control, indoor/outdoor positioning, 3D algorithms, and so on. With inter-disciplinary integration, we are able to create a brand-new user experience for different industries and sectors.

Innovative Application Development

AR technology can effectively visualize the scattered-in-space data and bring it into reality. Regardless of the industry, such as advertising, retail or sports, we can provide the most suitable innovative solutions based on each company’s unique products, services and industry ecology, and take the initiative in assisting each user in completing all tasks.


The visualization of information can assist users on all levels to more efficiently complete their tasks and at all times document each and every designated stage during the process, so that everything will unfold with more precision.


When architectural information unfolds right in front of your eyes, you can be better informed to conduct with precision all kinds of surveillance, operation and pre-judgments, and proceed with management and follow-up maintenance with optimal time and manpower cost.

-Culture Trendy-

Everything from art development, historic monuments, video broadcast to fashion and entertainment will all be presented in various stances right in front of our eyes. Creativity is no longer confined by time and space and will reach the perfect combination of virtual reality and reality.


With AR, you will notice that the transmission and acquisition of information is so simple. Regardless of age or sector, you can have access to in-depth and fun-filled learning approaches, a true actualization of embedding fun in education.


Regardless of the injured, or the patient or the medical staff, users from different angles can more easily acquire assistance needed and have a fast grasp of all information to reduce time and manpower required on each stage, so as to build dual-way communication channels in order for our medical care to improve for the future.