MOTAR provides companies with an ideal approach for product display & sales. Printed images? Screen? Why not let the product speak for itself in 3D space? With AR technology, your product can have the most direct explanatory interaction with your clients and quickly reduce the distance with them. Whether it is the exterior colors, parts/components information, animated effects or switch of modules or packets, you will find satisfying results and look forward to every display while creating a fantastic brand experience.


MOTAR Exterior Color Display

Exterior Color Display

No matter how many colors your products come in, it takes only a simple click for easy color switches to select the most suitable color. Change the exterior colors, materials or stickers.

MOTAR Information Display

Information Display

Each part/component is very unique. Of course, all information details are at your disposal and will unfold in your sightline. Display information regarding parts, modules or components.

MOTAR Animated display of modules

Animated display of modules

With the feature of model animation, we can present the real-time operation of products in 3D space, allowing the visual image to serve as the base for better communication. Display operation status or other effects as requested.

MOTAR Display Of Components Switch

Display Of Components Switch

“What if we switch this to that?” We are deeply aware of your need to continuously satisfy consumers with customization. All of this can be instantly displayed with no disruption in dialogues. To this end, it takes only a simple click to show displays. Switch models of parts, modules or components.


Execution Plan

Interface design  
3D model correction  
Features A : 3 combination color exchange
Features B : 3 combination information display
Features C : 3 combination dynamics display
Features D : 3 combination component exchange
Program services & adjustment : 2-4 times
Interface services & adjustment : 2-4 times
Operating execution education training : 1 times

Customize Application Solution

We believe that in order to match the brand tone, you must have higher expectations for the interface or model animation content, we provide fully customized services, of course, this is also contains the amount of functional content related to the adjustment, in order to more fit you sales strategy.



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