Open It First When Discussing

The Unique LUCI | TAGTAG let your
communication without barriers.

MR Technique Grants You the Best Help

During the two-way video collaboration, most of the time we couldn’t know what opponent exactly wants us to do, ex: switch on the thing next to you. Constantly inquiry and confirmation has waste a lot of time. And now, LUCI | TAGTAG has solved the problem for you. Through Mixed Reality (MR) to create a new way of communication method, so you are able to make it easier and precisely help each other.

Help Yourself and Help Your Partners

LUCI | TAGTAG through your device build-in camera to share the same vision, put the virtual 3D marks on both vision. No matter how you move, the stability of the mark on opponent side will stand still.

Record the Guidelines Precisely

We have had a lot of discussions with different industries and found that duplicate guidelines continue to occur in work or service. LUCI | TAGTAG allows the content of the guidelines to be recorded. For the same event, we can directly refer to past experience. Everything is more efficient.

In addition to work, we are looking forward to such applications being used in more places, such as teaching cooking, choosing clothes for your friends, and complicated TV remote controls, which will make our life easier and profession.


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